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Thank you for taking the time

to visit my website.  If you can possibly consider becoming a lifesaving kidney donor, I’d be very grateful. As the old slogan goes—true in this case—it’s “the gift that keeps on giving.”  In fact, it’s a gift that would keep me living!

I have a genetic condition called polycystic kidney disease (PKD) that causes decline in kidney function as one ages. I had to end my 35 year career as a legal assistant because of kidney failure and its negative impact on my energy, concentration, and overall illness.

Lisa Simpson Needs a Kidney

Among many future goals, I am looking forward to becoming a grandmother, when the time comes, who can help my daughter out in these challenging times, and volunteering in an animal protection or educational setting and doing other things to make the world a better place.  While dialysis staves off total kidney failure, a transplant is by far the best outcome.

To find out more, please read my story under Words and Thoughts and share it with as many others as you can.